About The Property

The Shahdar
& Jungle Resort

Bandavgarh - Katni
10+ Years Old
5 Rooms
Starting @5k/night

Shahdar Jungle Resort

Shahdar Jungle Resort – A Nature friendly Wildlife Resort in the Jungles of Jajnagra, Madhya Pradesh. Perfect Getaway Destination for you and your family. You can enjoy the peace and clean air of nature alongwith visits to the Bandhavgarh National Park.

Shahdar Jungle Resost has 5 Suites alongwith a Unique and Peaceful Treehouse. Which you can book prior to your visit from this form or you can also call and book the same.

Accommodations & About Your Stay

This Resort is is spread over a large area of 5 acres which has 5 rooms, restaurent, Swimming Pools etc.




Feel the Nature

Enjoy Every Moment

Even on your trip, every important bit of data will be added to the archive, to make each subsequent outing a better experience.

Free WiFi
Enjoy 24/7 Free Wi-Fi
Free Parking

With 100% Security 


Enjoy Pool Side

Computer Station

Just in case you need

Washer & Dryer

Comfort at your Suite

Coffee Maker

Midnight Masti

and 20 more

We have almost everything available which our customers love to have in the resort and in the suites. We want you to enjoy the nature and peace of the centre of India.